Netanya Municipal Chess Club

The Netanya Chess Club has about 150 active chess players and many other children who study chess in various clubs and community centres in the city and its surroundings. This year the leading team of the club took part in the top national division games as well as the top youth division. In total, the Netanya Chess Club has nine adult teams and three youth teams in the various league divisions.
In addition, many individual competitions are held each year at the Club, Starting from a traditional tournament in memory of the player Yitzhak Shlakman (with the support of his family), the early stages of the Israel Championships as well as amateur and youth tournaments. Netanya Chess Club is pleased with the opportunity given to the club players to take part in the international festival that will be held in the city close to the home of the players. It is hoped that it heralds the renewal of the glorious international tradition in the city of Netanya.

The club’s address is 9 Achimeir St., Netanya. Opening hours: Thursdays from 18:30 Club website: http://netanyachess.com/General/Index.he.htm