IMT 2019


Netanya Chess Festival takes place under the auspices of Mr. Roman Abramovich and Netanya Municipality

Dear Chess Players,

The Israel Chess Federation and Netanya Municipality are proud to invite you to participate in the International open tournament that will take place at the Netanya Football Stadium from 23/6/2019 to 02/7/2019.


The playing hall is located at the Netanya Football Stadium at Maccabia St., Netanya (VIP entrance).


Prize Fund:

170,000 NIS

First Prize: 30,000 NIS

The Organizing Committee:

Organizing Committee Chairman – GM Emil Sutovsky;

Mr. Moshe Slav – Chairman of the Israel Chess Federation;

Mr. Gil Boruchovsky – CEO, Israel Chess Federation;

Chief  Arbiter – International Arbiter Mr. Lior Gal;

Chief Arbiter of Round-robin tournament: International Arbiter Mr. Almog Burstein

Festival Website Manager – GM Alik Gershon;

Festival Spokesman – IM Yochanan Afek;

Festival Directors – Mr. Rami Tal and Mr. Amiram Kaplan


Weekday Date Hours Event
Sunday 23.6.2019 15:00 Opening Ceremony
Sunday 23.6.2019 16:00 1st Round
Monday 24.6.2019 16:00 2nd Round
Tuesday 25.6.2019 16:00 3rd Round
Wednesday 26.6.2019 16:00 4th Round
Thursday 27.6.2019 16:00 5th Round
Friday 28.6.2019 11:00 6th Round
Saturday 29.6.2019 Free Day
Sunday 30.6.2019 16:00 7th Round
Monday 1.7.2019 16:00 8th Round
Tuesday 2.7.2019 11:00 9th Round
Tuesday 2.7.2019 18:00 Closing Ceremony


Players may take one half-point bye in rounds 1 to 6, by written request to Lior Gal, the chief arbiter, at , not later than June 19th, and pending his approval.
Default time is 45 minutes after the start of the round in the open section and 30 minutes in the Masters.
Appeals Committee

For both tournaments the appeals committee consists of International Arbiters: Mr. Amiram Kaplan and Mr. Yochanan Afek and a FIDE Arbiter: Mr. Assi Philosoph.
On the first day of the tournament they will be joined by two chessplayers from foreign federations.

Playing Rate

90 min for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes until the end of play.

30 seconds increment from move 1.

Participation Fee:

400 NIS

Seniors – 250 NIS (b. before 31/12/1954)

Youth – 300 NIS (b. After 1/1/2001)

IMs + WIMs – 200 NIS

GMs + WGMs – free of charge


Place Prize
1 30 000 NIS
2 24 000 NIS
3 20 000 NIS
4 16 000 NIS
5 14 000 NIS
6 12 000 NIS
7 10 000 NIS
8 8 000 NIS
9 6 000 NIS
10 4 000 NIS


* In case of a tie, the place to be determined by average ELO of the opponents, Median-1, number of wins, result between players.

Distribution of prizes is according to Hort Method.


Special Prizes:


Category Prize Notes
1st place among seniors 3000 NIS. Born before 1.1.1955
2nd place among seniors 2000 NIS. Born before 1.1.1955
Best female player 1st place 3000 NIS
Best female player 2nd place 2000 NIS
Best U18 player – 1st place 3000 NIS Born after 31.12.2000
Best U18 player – 2nd  place 2000 NIS Born after 31.12.2000
Best U14 player – 1st place 3000 NIS. Born after 31.12.2004
Best U14 player – 2nd  place 2000 NIS Born after 31.122004
The most surprising player of the tournament – 1st place 1500 NIS Player achieving the highest final standing in comparison to initial tournament seeding
The most surprising player of the tournament – 2nd place 500 NIS Player achieving the second highest final standing in comparison to initial tournament seeding
Best under player 2300 1000 NIS
Best under player 2100 1000 NIS
Best under player 1900 1000 NIS
Best under player 1700 1000 NIS

* No double prizes



The official tournament hotel is “Migdal David”, at 8 David Ha-Melech St. Netanya.

Tournament participants are entitled to 10% discount of normal price on the basis of available rooms.

Reservations: (972) 09-3730014

* All the participants are allowed to arrange their own accommodation elsewhere.



Transportation to playing venue and back from “David Ha-Melech” Hotel departs app. 1 hour before the beginning of each round and is free of charge. Transportation reservation is to be arranged ahead on daily basis and in coordination with tournament managers.

Bus no. 19 from Netanya Central Bus Station and from Netanya Train Station reaches the stadium.


Dress Code:

Playing dress code requires long trousers. The hall is air-conditioned.



Registration is open until Sunday 2/6/2019 at tournament website:

For more details, please contact Mr. Oded Ross:




Eagerly awaiting you!



Gil Boruchovsky                                                     Rami Tal

ICF CEO                                                                  Festival Director



In any question or request contact Mr. Rami Tal at: